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Fashion Stereotypes: A World Tour

Fashion Stereotypes: A World Tour

Just like Anna Wintour’s word is law (see: Editor-in-chief of American Vogue), everyone knows that stereotypes don’t lie. Here are my personal, and universally correct (or maybe not?) fashion and lifestyle stereotypes of the world.

New York

She lives in the coolest city in the world, and she acts as if it’s no big deal. The savvy New Yorker makes casual chic á la cool: printed t-shirt, leather jacket and a hipster hat the only style worth knowing. She uses statement jewelry religiously but sticks to keeping the details the most attention-grabbing pieces of her outfit. She might look cool in a “I just jumped out of bed and threw something on” kind of way, but chances are that her attire is way more thought-through than you might think.

Los Angeles

The relaxed LA babe is all about yoga retreats, juice cleanses and constant sunshine. With a daily uniform consisting of  flowy skirts (or short shorts),  70’s style sunglasses and a trenta (= huge) soy-milk decaf latte, she cruises around the Golden Coast, most likely in a hybrid convertible. She’s slightly bipolar; half of her wants to shop vintage and be environmentally friendly, the other half wants to go crazy in the exclusive shops of Rodeo Drive. No one can make hemp clothes and diamonds seem like such a natural fit.


London is like New York’s little sister – a little bit more rebellious and a little bit bolder in her fashion choices, both when it comes to color and details. She tries even harder to be unique and differ herself from – what she thinks – is her more commercial NY sibling. One day she might go grunge, and the next dress up as if she was attending the queen’s birthday party. Regardless of which, there is always an edge to the London girl. Or she’s just had enough of all that rain.


The Parisian  fashionista combines black and white classic elegance with luscious red details such as the subtle red heel of a pair of classic Louboutins (or pouty Venetian red lips.) A pair of huge Dior sunglasses, and she can easily ignore the rest of the world while she continues with her more important issues, such as choosing which macaroon best suits her café au lait. Despite the persistent stereotype, she rarely uses the under-the-arm baguette as a daily accessory.


To relive her childhood dreams, the Tokyo girl gets her inspiration from to the fashion district of Harajuku. She sports different crazy hair colours every week, and LOVES to dress up like Sailor Moon (who wouldn’t?) or try different styles of “Lolita” (a popular japanese fashion style.) When it comes to pins, fake tans, or Hello Kitty details, she believes that “more is more” is the way to go.

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