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EF Stories: Român from France at EF Cape Town

EF Stories: Român from France at EF Cape Town

1. What is your educational background, Român?

Before joining EF, I obtained a Bachelor degree and then a D.U.T. in Business and Administration Management through a work-study program. My English proficiency was relatively good, but I was not fluent. The company I worked for was 50% British, and I quickly realized that mastering professional English was a necessity.

2. Why did you choose to join an EF campus?

After completing my D.U.T., I joined EF's Cape Town campus in South Africa for an academic year program.

I had discovered EF Education on the Internet while researching language studies abroad, and I wanted to follow a program that closely resembled a university curriculum. This program lasted for 9 months, allowing me to return to France in May and have time to prepare for the next academic year.

I chose the Cape Town campus because exploring South Africa and all its riches was a dream come true for me. In addition to learning the language, I wanted to learn more about the country's history during apartheid and fulfill dreams such as going on a safari or cage diving with great white sharks.

3. Your educational/professional journey after your EF program?

At the end of my program, I achieved a C2 level, which is an advanced level in English, and I also passed the Cambridge Exam directly on-site, an official diploma from the University of Cambridge that is valid for life! I used my new skills to enroll in an English-language Bachelor degree program in Tourism and Event Management. I had previously taken tourism-related courses as part of the specific curriculum at the EF campus.

In the months that followed, I completed an internship in luxury hospitality in Tahiti (French Polynesia), which was also very professionally enriching.

4. Your advice for future participants?

If I had to give one piece of advice to future students, it would be to not hesitate and dive in! EF Education is much more than a year of studying abroad; it's a unique experience that awaits you!

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