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EF Stories: Oscar from Norway at EF Munich

This summer, I went on a language trip for 3 weeks to Munich and stayed with a host family.
EF Stories: Oscar from Norway at EF Munich

In the summer of 2019, I went on a language trip for 3 weeks to EF Munich and stayed with a host family. I can honestly say that this was one of my best summer vacations and I became very good friends with several people there, including one from Kazakhstan and one from Vietnam. It was a fantastic summer for the 3 weeks I was there, and I really recommend traveling to Munich if you have the opportunity. If you're reading this letter, are you considering traveling to EF Munich? This travel letter may give you the answer.

My language journey began on June 30th at 08:55 when we met in the departure hall at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. We boarded an Airbus A320 Sharklets flown by Lufthansa, which is also Europe's only 5* airline.

As soon as I boarded the plane, I knew this was going to be an incredibly fun and unforgettable trip, and it truly was.

When we landed in Munich, I chatted a bit with the tour guide, who, like me, is a bit of an avgeek (aviation nerd). We chatted while taking the bus to the school located in Germering. It was very hot, I think it was over 30°C, so we almost melted on the bus. Upon arrival at the school, we were warmly welcomed and were shown to rooms that were named after major cities around the world.

We were driven to our host families, and I was fortunate to have a fantastic family. The next day, which was a Monday, we headed straight to school, where we were welcomed and given a kind of necklace with our information and group details. There was an area outside the school where we could relax with friends.

We often visited Munich for shopping and sightseeing, including the Deutsches Museum, Marienplatz, and a guided tour of the Allianz Arena (Fun Pack). The school day was split; I either had classes first followed by activities, or vice versa. Activities ranged from visiting a small lake to swim and relax, to trips to Munich where we had some free time.

At school, we had 2 x 90-minute lessons where we did various activities. My teacher was very kind, helpful, and effective in teaching. One day I forgot my pencil case at my host family's home, so I had to buy a pen with a cat on it, which she found very cute. We were provided meals at school and could get 'meal vouchers' which allowed us free meals up to 10 Euros, including a drink. The train station was right next to the school, so it wasn't far to walk. I personally recommend using Google Maps if you're navigating with public transport.

I'll conclude here. If you're thinking of traveling to EF Munich, you can check out my Instagram profile @enbl_private where I've posted some pictures. You can also message me on my main account @enbl_spotter. And again, if you're considering a trip to Munich with EF, GO FOR IT! You won't regret it!

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