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EF Stories: Milena from Belgium at EF Berlin

My name is Milena Zielinska. I'm 21 years old, and I'm a second-year student in Hotel Management. I love languages, traveling, sports, and marketing. And above all, I am an adventurer.
EF Stories: Milena from Belgium at EF Berlin

We went to meet our former student Milena to hear about her 3-week stay in Berlin with EF. Discover her experience with EF

Why did you decide to take courses with EF?

I wanted to improve my German, have a new adventure, and not spend the summer holidays doing nothing. So, I decided to go with EF and learn while having fun!

Describe your stay in a few words?

I spent three weeks in Berlin. I stayed with a large host family where there were several EF students. The conditions were good, and I was well received.

At first, I was a bit lost because my German was really bad, and Berlin is a huge city. But over time, I got used to it, and I have very fond memories. I also had the opportunity to visit the city and Dresden. And of course, I had classes almost every day. To provide the best organization possible, we were given access to the MyEF app. It allowed us to check the schedules for classes and activities. To participate in extra activities and classes, we had to sign up through the app. To top it off, each student, before leaving, goes through a graduation ceremony and receives a little diploma that officially proves their language level. All of this happens in a friendly barbecue atmosphere.

What do you take away from your experience?

I met people of different ages, nationalities, and social classes, and it was very enriching. For example, I met a student who tried to explain mathematics to me in Spanish and a 40-year-old doctor, the list goes on.

This experience has also changed me. I am much more resourceful, and I have even more confidence in myself, which is why I am going to Finland for 4 months.

What activities did you do with EF?

I visited Dresden, Mauer Park, Teufelsberg, the Brandenburg Gate, the Jewish Memorial, and Fernsehturm. I also participated in evening classes and social events to better integrate into the group.

Any memorable moments to share?

During those 3 weeks, I experienced unique moments; all the memories of Berlin are unforgettable.

Any advice for our future students?

Going abroad is a real opportunity, so make the most of it! I recommend talking as much as possible with people who do not speak your native language. It will be a great opportunity to improve your level in multiple languages. Personally, I improved my German, English, and Spanish. It was funny because people who didn't know me well thought I came from everywhere. Talking with so many people also allowed me to discover stories from many countries!

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