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EF Stories: Iida from Japan at EF Brighton

Here is an interview with Ms.Iida, who is studied abroad for 44 weeks in Brighton, England from April 2022! "After many discussions with my EF educational consultant, I realized that if I didn't go then, I'm more likely to miss out this opportunity and better go now!"
EF Stories: Iida from Japan at EF Brighton

Testimonial begins:


1.Please give a brief self-introduction (career background, profile before departure, etc.).

I am taking a gap from my third year at university and am currently attending the November course at EF Brighton .


2. Please tell us why you decided to study abroad.

I wanted to study abroad before getting serious about job hunting or further academic studies. There were times when I was unsure whether to travel this year or postpone it, but the counselor in charge of my trip kindly consulted with me every time, and I was able to travel as planned. Thank you very much.


3. Is there anything that has left an impression on you during your stay so far? How does it compare to what you had imaged before you left?

This was my first time traveling overseas, and I found life overseas difficult. However, my daily life in Brighton was full of new things and time passed quickly. Because in the language school students signed up with different course durations, so I often had to say goodbye to some good friends I made there, which made me feel sad. But it was a great experience because I g0t to interact with so many people.


4. What I would like to say to those who are considering studying abroad in the same destination.

I had heard that European people discriminate against Asians and are often cold-hearted, but I never encountered such a situation. Everyone I've met was very kind and friendly, and I felt at ease here. In my personal opinion, it might be better to consider that prices are twice as high. At first I was very surprised by the price of the food. However, you can do things like buy in bulk or take advantage of discounts at the supermarket.


5. What would you like to add?

I was ill shortly after the trip began, and I didn't have many friends to rely on, so I was very anxious. But the staff in EF Brighton school were very kind to me. They arranged taxi for me to visit clinic and also cared about me. I felt better because I had EF staff and friends!


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