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EF Stories: Laura from Switzerland at EF Malta

EF Stories: Laura from Switzerland at EF Malta

It all began two years ago when I told myself, "Now is the perfect time for another language study trip."

Having heard about EF frequently, I visited their office in Lugano to inquire about a short-term language study trip in an English-speaking city. After multiple discussions and guidance from the EF team in Lugano, I ultimately chose Malta – a decision I couldn't be happier with!

Like any new experience, this one, despite being relatively short (three weeks), can bring about a bit of nervousness for various reasons: traveling alone to a new country, attending a new school, not knowing anyone, and so on. To specifically address these doubts and insecurities, EF organizes information sessions where students receive all the necessary information before departing for an overseas destination. These sessions cover topics like how to navigate the first day of school, where to find important addresses, the school schedule, and other practical details. The supportive EF Lugano team's assistance puts your mind at ease and ensures a smooth start.

Returning to my (brief yet intense) journey, I'd like to begin by sharing that Malta is an ideal destination for those who enjoy warm weather and prefer attending a smaller to medium-sized school, avoiding overcrowding.

The first week was quite challenging for me as I had to adapt to expressing myself solely in English and acclimate to the local customs and my host family's way of life. However, as the days passed, I grew increasingly confident and happy, fully immersed in the wonderful environment that had developed within the classroom, enriched by the presence of people from diverse cultures.

I promptly noticed the excellent collaboration between the school and the EF office in Lugano: whenever I had doubts or encountered any issues, everyone was readily available and eager to assist me.

The school's teachers are both knowledgeable and skilled, always willing to provide support and guidance for language improvement. What impressed me the most was that you could address the teachers, the director, and all the staff with the informal "tu" form. In my opinion, this fostered a very positive atmosphere among fellow students and between students and teachers.

In addition to studying, there were always organized activities (both sports and cultural) available during the day and in the evening, as well as very interesting weekend trips to explore this beautiful island, make new friends, and practice the language.

My host family was fantastic; everyone was friendly and very open. We had lots of conversations, which further helped me improve my English.

I highly recommend everyone to embark on a language study trip with EF to discover new places, different cultures, and, of course, to enhance your language skills. It's an experience that fosters personal growth and leaves an indelible mark on your heart.

In just a week's time, I'm off on a new adventure in Dublin, and I'm really curious to see how it will unfold...

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