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EF Stories: Lara from Germany in EF Oxford

Lara embarked on a 3-week guided language trip to Oxford, where she collected many beautiful memories with her new friends. She shares her experiences regarding the COVID-19 situation, her arrival, the lessons, and her highlights.
EF Stories: Lara from Germany in EF Oxford

"Why a Language Trip?

I've always wanted to travel, meet new people, explore different cultures, and discover foreign countries. About 5 years ago, I started thinking about either going on a language trip or doing a year abroad but never made a decision.

After participating in a student exchange program with my school last year, I knew for sure that I had to do something like that again. Since I love learning or improving new languages and didn't want to just have a typical vacation, a language trip with EF was the perfect choice for me. I would even go so far as to say that it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Traveling During the Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 situation, it wasn't certain whether my language trip would take place at all. While I could have postponed it to the next year or changed the destination to Malta or Switzerland, I wouldn't have been happy with that.

Then, I received a call about two weeks before my scheduled departure confirming the trip. I was ecstatic and already quite excited. The COVID-19 situation was very well managed in school and during activities (e.g., daily temperature checks), and it didn't significantly impact my language trip.

Flight & Arrival

I was fortunate that my course leader was on the same flight as me, so I didn't have to check-in independently, and I got to know her a bit. The flight itself went by incredibly quickly, and in London at the airport, we immediately met fellow students, with whom I quickly became friends, and an EF staff member.

We were then taken to the school in Oxford by bus, where local staff members were already waiting for us. There, we received our schedules, bus tickets, and further instructions. Since we arrived in the evening, we had a short stay at school, and then taxis picked us up and took us to our host families.

On the first day, we received more information, had our first class, and in the afternoon, we had a guided tour of Oxford. We also met our new classmates, additional staff, and other EF students, all of whom were very friendly and open.

Classes & Activities

Classes took place either in the morning or in the afternoon and were quite different from the English lessons I was used to at my school—much more relaxed, interesting, and fun. Since I joined a guided language trip, we had activities from morning to evening.

I thoroughly enjoyed the activities and the program, and everything was a lot of fun. Among other things, we went canoeing, punting, played games in the park, and went on several excursions.

My Host Family

I lived with a fellow student in my host family. Due to COVID-19, only one student was allowed per room. Normally, my host family could accommodate up to 5 students at once.

My host family consisted of a host mother, a host father, and a host dog. They were all incredibly kind and helpful. On the first evening, our host father explained everything about the buses and schedules to us, emphasizing that it wouldn't be a problem if we got lost and that they would pick us up immediately. By the end of the three weeks, not only us but also they were very sad that the time was already over.

My Highlight & Conclusion

My personal highlight was getting to know so many new people from different countries, cultures, and age groups. I particularly enjoyed the moments with my new friends! We all exchanged our contact information and are already planning a reunion.

The trip gave me many new and incredibly beautiful memories and improved my language skills. Furthermore, it also made me more independent and enriched my personality.

I'm already planning another trip with EF, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Are you also interested in a language trip? Learn all about Oxford and our EF school. You can find more opportunities abroad for every age and interest here. If you're looking for more inspiration, visit us on Instagram!"

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