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EF Stories: Kevin from Switzerland in EF Sydney + Perth

Kevin talks about his experience in Australia after studying abroad with EF.
EF Stories: Kevin from Switzerland in EF Sydney + Perth

1. Why did you decide to study abroad?

My motivation for taking an adult language course in Australia was to develop professionally, get better opportunities on the job market, and travel at the same time.

Another good effect is that you develop personally, you start to see things differently, and you can reflect on yourself if you allow yourself and take the opportunity.

2. What personal goals did you want to achieve during your trip before you left?

My personal goal is to reach C1 level or higher. My goal is to be able to speak and write English without thinking about it, and to be able to use it in my work life.

3. Why did you choose Australia?

Australia, along with New Zealand, is a destination I have always wanted to visit. The fact that I can work in Australia on a student visa was also one of the reasons I chose Australia.

4. What are your biggest fears about accommodation before you leave?

What would the host family's accommodations be like, would the host family be friendly, would everything work out with my visa, what would the flight be like (it's my first time flying more than 20 hours)?

5. How was it when you arrived at your host family?

In Sydney it was very good, I was warmly welcomed when I arrived there and given breakfast right away.

In Perth, there was a bit of a misunderstanding because my host family thought I would arrive on Sunday, but I arrived on a Saturday after changing planes from Sydney to Perth, so I had to wait until I could move into my room, but it wasn't that bad.

6. How was your first day of school?

In both Sydney and Perth, there were city tours and information about the city, school, rules, etc. In Perth, there was also a barbecue.

7. Sydney is one of the more adult schools, how do you think that manifested itself in the classroom?

I was at A2 level in Sydney and most of the students were between the ages of 16 and 25, so I can't really judge that.

Initially it was a mixed class and later it was a mix of under 25 and over 25, but initially at A2 level there weren't many students over 25.

8. What was your personal favorite thing about Sydney?

It was meeting new friends from different countries and seeing the many sights, including the Opera House, Blue Mountains, and Manly Beach.

I also watched the Australia vs. New Zealand rugby and soccer matches live.

9. You have decided to extend your stay from 9 to 11 months and spend half of your stay in Perth. How did you come to this decision?

Sydney is an interesting city, there are many opportunities, but for me the city is too big, so I decided to move to Perth, I feel more comfortable here.

Extending my stay was a matter of price: since I was already here, I was able to extend my course at a special price.

10. You still have more than half of your stay left, what do you still want to accomplish and experience?

I want to improve my English, explore Western Australia, and find a part-time job.

11. What advice would you give to someone quitting their job and going abroad for more than half a year?

If you want to do it, do it. It will benefit you personally and I highly recommend it.

Make sure you have saved enough money for local living, especially in Australia or New Zealand, because the cost of living is the same as in Switzerland.

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