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EF Stories: Just Riadh from France at EF Tokyo

EF Tokyo
EF Stories: Just Riadh from France at EF Tokyo

1. Do you usually speak Japanese? What's your level on a scale of 1 to 10?

Just Riadh: My Japanese level?! 1/10 haha

2. What do you think about learning a language other than English?

Just Riadh: I think it's great to be interested in other cultures. Personally, I have a soft spot for Asian culture, especially Japanese culture; I really love it.

2. What are your favorite films and manga?

Just Riadh: I have sooo many... Attack on Titan, G.T.O, ONE PUNCH MAN, NARUTO, well, there are too many...

3. Who are your favorite actors/characters?

Just Riadh: My all-time, true, true, true favorite character is Saitama!

4. Have you ever traveled to Asia?

Just Riadh: Unfortunately, no, never, but this will be my first time! So cool!

5. What attracted you to this project?

Just Riadh: Japan is my dream destination, a real dream, so I'm super excited to go there, and with EF, too!

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