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EF Stories: Gaspard from France at EF Brighton

EF Stories: Gaspard from France at EF Brighton

Discover the testimonial of our student Gaspard - EF Brighton, length of stay: 3 weeks.

1. Why did you choose to study with EF?

I chose to go back to EF this year because I had already had a unique and unforgettable experience last year. EF offers things that no other organisation can. We get to spend the best summer of our lives, meeting wonderful people from different countries and cultures. That's the EF magic!

2. What aspect of your stay was the most successful?

In my opinion, everything was a success. The best thing is that you learn a language while having fun and having the best summer of your life!

3. What EF activities/excursions did you enjoy the most?

It's very difficult to distinguish one activity from another...but I think the best activities were Pride in Brighton (wonderful time) and the excursions to London and Oxford. I discovered a lot of things, and our activity group was just great! We really enjoyed ourselves!

4. What memories do you keep from your language stay?

Just like last year, I cherish the language stay in Brighton itself as a memory. I could spend entire days talking about my experience with EF, that's how much I enjoyed it!

Every day, hours, minutes, and seconds spent there will remain engraved in my memory! These are by far my two best experiences (EF 2017 and EF 2018). Everything was amazing, my friends, the leaders, the school, the sea, Brighton Pier, my host family, Churchill Square, the Lanes, the excursions, the activities, the EF Disco... and of course, the EF Dance!

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