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EF Stories: Francesca from Italy at EF Malta

Francesca, who is 24 years old, chose to embark on a study and internship journey in Malta through the EF Internship Program. Let's dive into her experience!
EF Stories: Francesca from Italy at EF Malta

Why did you decide to pursue this experience?

I attended high school focusing on linguistics, and I recently obtained my master's degree in European and Pan American Languages and Literature. During my college years, I primarily studied Spanish and German, neglecting English due to a negative experience with my high school teacher. However, as I neared the end of my academic journey, I realized the importance of strengthening my English skills for both professional and personal reasons. What better way to achieve this than to immerse myself in an English-speaking environment? Thus, I made the decision to go with EF, and to bridge the gap between my academic studies and the professional world, I opted for the Internship Program, which offers a balance between educational activities and hands-on work experience.

How have your language skills improved?

My language skills have primarily improved in terms of self-awareness. Constantly using English at home, in the classroom, and during interactions with colleagues has enabled me to adapt to various language registers and exposed me to a wide range of language contexts. This ranged from informal conversations with classmates to formal communication through email with colleagues. I believe that my oral proficiency, and subsequently my overall fluency, has seen the most significant improvement during my time in Malta.

How did you spend your free time in Malta?

During my free time, I had the opportunity to participate in various excursions organized by the school. These outings were scheduled both during weekdays between classes and on weekends. While abroad, I engaged in numerous activities for the first time, such as kayaking at sunset, experiencing a thrilling zip line adventure, and horseback riding on the beach. Additionally, I was fortunate to stay with a host family that also accommodated three other girls of similar ages. We discovered common interests and often organized our own excursions, exploring the entire island and enjoying evenings out together.

Why did you choose EF?

I chose EF after discovering their program brochure by chance, which I found on a desk in my university's study hall. As I explored the various destinations and offerings, I came across the Internship Program, which I believed could bridge the gap between my academic training and the professional world. Additionally, even before this discovery, I had heard about EF through friends and various social campaigns. EF's strong marketing presence and the alignment of their offered experiences with my goals played a significant role in my decision to choose them.

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