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EF Stories: Daphne from the Netherlands at EF Rome

Daphne studied Italian in Rome with EF for 9 months.
EF Stories: Daphne from the Netherlands at EF Rome

I would like to describe my gap year in Rome as a super fun experience. It is very easy and nice to be able to share this bubble you are in with other people who are doing exactly the same thing as you; studying in Rome! What I like most: the international friendships I have made. The nice group of friends and the good times with them. That is what I remember most from my trip with EF.

Family oriented

Besides taking a language course in Rome for 9 months, I also flew back home several times. In total, I went back to my family in the Netherlands 4 times. This was because I am very much a family person. I slept in the residence during my language trip. There, they spoke a lot of English but after everyone could speak Italian a little better, more Italian was spoken to maintain it. I slept in a 3-bed room and because of my own attitude, the first contact with my roommates was very easy. Everyone is also in the same boat and knows exactly how you feel. It is helpful to open yourself up to new contacts and this adventure, that way you make friends quickly.

Italian and English

The atmosphere at the school in Rome is very informal. Italian is spoken but English is often spoken at the beginning, just to get settled in. Besides the informal side, it is also serious and you are taken seriously. I couldn't speak Italian at all yet so I had to learn the language from the beginning, really the baby steps. To learn the language, in the beginning we did a lot of language games. Interactive teaching provides a very good way to master the language. The school is right in the center of Rome, so it is very easy to go to a café, go shopping or get some ice cream, super fun! We did a lot together daily with the group of friends, it was never boring and time went so fast. You really have a good time! The headmistress of the school is really your mentor. If there was anything you could just basically knock on anyone's door in the school.

Friends from South America, Germany and France

The headmistress is also the boss of the residence. She is very involved and takes quick action. When I got very sick I had to go to the hospital by ambulance and the headmistress was always there for me. She also has the emergency number if anything happens. Besides school I had a lot of time to do fun things, I really had my own life besides school. I took many trips to Napoli and Bologna. In addition, it is also super fun to stay in Rome since there is a lot to see and do. We had a group chat with everyone in the class and we met up with that a lot. I made a lot of friends from South America, Germany and France.

After 9 months I achieved language level C1, which I worked very hard for and I am very proud of! EF Rome was such a fun place, everyone is very open, relaxed and positive. EF is very good about things and you know everything will be taken care of. My advice to anyone who wants to go to Rome: do it!!! ENJOY! Get everything out of it and live in the moment!

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