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EF Stories: Charlotte from France at EF Dublin

EF Stories: Charlotte from France at EF Dublin

Discover the testimonial of our student Charlotte - EF Dublin, duration of the stay: 7 weeks.

1. Why did you choose to study with EF?

I chose to study with EF because I needed to improve my English for both my academic and professional journey. EF has its own schools and, therefore, is close to its students. It's an organization that instills confidence in us.

2. What aspect of your stay was the most successful?

Before leaving, I always had a language barrier; I was afraid to speak for fear of making mistakes. By the end of my first week, that barrier had already disappeared!

3. What EF activities/excursions did you enjoy the most?

The school offers activities every day, including sports like soccer, ping-pong, and basketball. They allow you to meet other students and engage in conversations about hobbies.

4. What memories do you keep from your language stay?

The Irish people are very welcoming, always ready to help us. Meeting people from all over the world at the school provides an open-minded experience and the opportunity to form extraordinary friendships!

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