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EF Stories: Annik from Switzerland at EF Bristol

Annik traveled to Bristol with EF to improve her English skills along with other language students.
EF Stories: Annik from Switzerland at EF Bristol

My language stay with EF began in June – on a day I had been looking forward to with a mix of various emotions (both negative and positive) after several weeks of preparation and the friendly support of EF staff. I finally traveled to the southwest of England, to Bristol.

Arrival in the UK

Upon arrival in the UK, I was picked up as arranged and taken to my accommodation. The friendly taxi driver talked continuously throughout the journey, often mentioning the typically bad weather. I was surprised, however, as I had not expected temperatures of around 30°C in England. This beautiful weather accompanied me during the first three weeks of my language stay in Bristol. Therefore, it was particularly enjoyable to explore the city, known for its music and graffiti scene. Our first excursion took us to Bristol's landmark, the Clifton Suspension Bridge. It was a great experience to cross this old and imposing bridge, often depicted in photos.

My Experience at the EF School

I had a very positive experience at the relatively small and centrally located school. All the teachers were motivated, very friendly, and made great efforts to improve our English skills. Although most of the grammar topics were familiar to me, the lessons were varied, and I was able to refresh and actively use many things during the six weeks. Primarily, my spoken English improved during my time in Bristol. At school, I also encountered new, open-minded people from various countries and cultural backgrounds.

Exploring Bristol and Accommodation

In a short time, we got to know many of the city's sights. One excursion took us to Cabot Tower, an old tower located in a beautiful park with numerous squirrels and offering breathtaking views. On another day, we took a boat tour, allowing us to see Bristol from a completely different perspective. When the evenings grew late, I noticed how convenient it was that the residence where I lived with other EF students was right in the city center and within walking distance of most places. In the accommodation, I often met friendly people whom I had never encountered at school. However, I probably would have been more exposed to English culture in a host family, which is why I would have preferred that in hindsight.

A Great Experience Comes to an End

As my language stay in Bristol came to an end, thanks to EF, I finally had the opportunity to learn more about Bristol's famous graffiti. Besides a guided tour where we saw the most popular works, we were given many fascinating insights into their creation. The last event that stands out in my memory is the Balloon Fiesta. We couldn't resist visiting the multi-day event. The highlight of the festival is the numerous colorful and creatively designed hot air balloons that ascend into the sky multiple times. When I left England early in the morning on the final day of the festival, I could already see the first balloons rising with the sunrise. There could hardly have been a better ending to an unforgettable language stay with EF and an educational time in Bristol.

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