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EF Stories: Alexio from Italy at EF Bristol

EF Stories: Alexio from Italy at EF Bristol

Alexio, an EF Ambassador since 2019, shares his transformative journey in Bristol, where he gradually gained independence and maturity.

Hi Alexio! Tell us about your experience with EF.

In June 2019, I embarked on a study abroad program with EF in Bristol, a charming city in the southwest of England. Initially, my plan was to stay for 8 weeks, but I was so captivated by the experience that I decided to extend it to a total of 10 weeks. This marked my first significant time away from home, spending the entire summer abroad. Surprisingly, those 10 weeks felt like they flew by, and I genuinely wished I could have stayed even longer."

What are your 3 favourite things about Bristol?

This experience has left me with countless cherished memories, making it challenging to pinpoint just a few favorites from this impeccable journey. Bristol, as a city, offers a plethora of delights to admire. Firstly, the warm and welcoming embrace of its community stands out as an immediate and endearing highlight. The city's diverse landscapes, featuring lush green parks, historic architecture, and the scattered Banksy artworks, create a captivating environment. Lastly, the pleasantly mild temperature, a relief for individuals like me who struggle with excessive heat, adds to the city's overall charm."

What activities did you participate in during your time abroad?

There were a multitude of activities to choose from during my stay. Almost every afternoon, the school organized various recreational activities, including role-playing games, challenges, and diverse competitions that allowed students from around the world to come together and have a great time. On weekends, we embarked on excursions to explore the surrounding areas, discovering new cities, nature reserves, and breathtaking landscapes. Occasionally, the school arranged 'special' events such as boat parties and evening gatherings.

Could you share your most memorable experience?

The initial weeks in Bristol proved to be the most intense for me. Arriving in a completely unfamiliar place and encountering various challenges forced me to adapt quickly and become more self-reliant. Since I had traveled alone, I didn't know anyone initially. Despite this, I swiftly formed strong connections with my host family, fellow students, and even the EF staff. I managed to address and resolve a range of day-to-day issues that arose during this period, demonstrating my ability to navigate unfamiliar situations independently."

How did this experience impact you personally?

This experience, like any other international adventure I've embarked on, has profoundly shaped me. Firstly, it fostered a significant level of maturity. I had to become self-reliant in various aspects, from navigating public transportation alone to managing my expenses throughout the entire journey. Additionally, I took on numerous responsibilities while navigating a new city on my own. Secondly, it honed my adaptability skills.

What advice would you offer to someone considering EF?

My advice is simple: Go for it! There's nothing quite like the experience of leaving home, exploring new places, embracing different cultures, and meeting people from all walks of life. Regardless of the challenges you might face, they all contribute to your personal growth and development. Sometimes, we need to step out of our usual routines and view ourselves, our lives, and our actions from a fresh perspective. EF is an excellent organization that I've had a positive experience with, and I see no reason why I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking to embark on a similar journey. EF's well-organized programs and diverse school locations set it apart!

Do you believe you've gained skills that would be valuable in your future career?

Absolutely, this type of experience contributes significantly to the development of valuable soft skills highly sought after in the professional world. Furthermore, it provides an excellent opportunity to enhance one's hard skills through EF's classes and expert instructors.

If you were given the chance to board a plane right now, which EF destination would you choose?

While I'd love to explore various destinations worldwide, my immediate choice would be Boston, a city that has always held a special fascination for me!"

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