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Blog away! 4 reasons you should blog about your travels

Blog away! 4 reasons you should blog about your travels

1. Never forget that #efmoment (or basically anything else that matters)

Personally, I am terrified of forgetting – things I’ve done, things I’ve felt, inside jokes – basically anything that once made me smile. When I realized how quickly these memories fade, never to be thought of again, I almost had an emotional meltdown. What can I do to hinder this horrible process? Write a journal? Too boring and prude. Blog? Something high-tech and creative? Jackpot. I started my first blog when I was 16 – a fruitful online relationship that lasted for almost six years – and I still go back and read about my fashion choices, secret moments, and some crazy moments too (sneaking into shows at Copenhagen Fashion Week, among others!)

2.   Keep your loved ones updated (and the conversation fresh)

This point is both thoughtful and selfish. Thoughtful: your friends and family want to know what you are up to on your adventures and will sit glued to their screens finding out about your day. Selfish: do you realize how much of a pain it is to answer the question: “So, how was your trip / five months in New York / summer?” over and over again? Your answers can also become boring and vague: “Oh, it was good. You know. Lots of fun things, lots of partying, cool people…” A blog will keep everyone on the same page and make sure that the basics are covered so that you can skip straight to the juicy details during your next rendez-vous (During me and my sister’s blog peak somewhere around 2010, sentences such as “Read it on my blog” became a well-worn line of mine!)

3.   Keep it accessible (and safe)

I went old-school, analogue, and bought one of these 3-year diaries where you just write a few sentences per day, you know, to see how far I’ve gotten (hopefully) each year. I loved that thing! After three moves around the world, I no longer have a clue where it is. Lesson of the story? Digital diaries don’t get lost, or worn out – they are always just one Wifi-connection away (as long as you log in once in a while so it doesn’t get deactivated.)

4. Get creative! (when nothing else is)

My blog was my virtual playground; my online kingdom that I ruled in whatever way I wanted. For years it was a way to spur my creativity by experimenting with creative writing, writing about fashion, music and all kinds of things that appeal to me, editing photos, and just philosophizing. It was actually quite a big part of my life, and I miss that kind of creativity. But hey – problem solved – now I get to blog as a part of my job! Score!

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