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Currently enjoying fresh alpine air in Switzerland, I hail from the sunny south of the UK. In my spare time, I enjoy eating, doing sports, buying clothes and eating more food (in that order). Follow my travel adventures on Instagram.

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English words that sound different around the world (2)
min read min

We’re back with another comparison of English words from around the globe. In case you missed our la...

English words that sound different around the world (1)
min read min

It’s finally here! The most epic megabattle in the English language since the pilgrims settled in th...

10 places to practice English in the UK
min read min

Welcome to the first episode of Tom’s Top 10 – a series of handy little guides to make the world a b...

Year in review: 5×5 travel lessons we learned in 2015
5 min read 5 min

‘tis the season to look through Instagram feeds and Facebook timelines: 2015 has seen everything fro...

The letter B presents: 5 must-see places in Bristol
min read min

I’m always up for a challenge, so the assignment for a blog post about Bristol boasting the letter B...

Best of the wurst: 6 great spots to celebrate Oktoberfest
min read min

Students in Munich might be celebrating all things Bavarian at Oktoberfest 2015, but there’s no reas...

6 scary places in London you should visit on Halloween
min read min

It’s no wonder London is known as the most haunted capital city in the world – it’s inspired some of...

7 ways to start a conversation on a plane
min read min

We’ve all been there: you’re sitting on a plane, about to enjoy a journey through the clouds, and ev...

Barcelona from above: the best way to see the city
min read min

As the place where I lived and studied Spanish, Barcelona has a special place in my heart – and I sp...

Sweet, sweet Bristol: A sugary tour of my favorite city
min read min

Call me biased (since it’s my home town) but I’d say Bristol boasts some of the finest eating establ...

Oxford vs Cambridge: Clash of the Titans
min read min

In the world of academia there are two universities whose rivalry has been raging for generations: O...

Movie Magic: Disaster Cities You Absolutely Have to Visit
min read min

Have you always wanted to climb the Empire State Building? Well get your fix while you still can – t...