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Best of the wurst: 6 great spots to celebrate Oktoberfest

Best of the wurst: 6 great spots to celebrate Oktoberfest

Students in Munich might be celebrating all things Bavarian at Oktoberfest 2015, but there’s no reason why you can’t have your own German gathering wherever you are in the world! From London to Los Angeles, I’ve selected some of the top European eateries and Bavarian-themed bars where you can taste your own slice of Germanic goodness this fall.

1. Herman Ze German, London

In the heart of central London you’ll find one of these sausage-serving takeouts. Tuck into traditional wurst (German sausage) fresh from the Black Forest, swimming in spicy curry sauce. Dip your pommes (French fries) in for extra enjoyment.

2. Heidelberg, New York

Down in Manhattan’s cutesy Yorkville neighborhood you’ll find this family-run restaurant with over 100 years of experience serving moreish German grub to the lucky residents of New York. It’s a sit-down affair, so expect a sophisticated evening with a price tag to match.

3. Bavarian Bier Cafe, Sydney

If you’re stuck in Australia during Oktoberfest, fear not! My pick of the parties is in Sydney’s central business district, where Bavarian Bier Cafe offers Munich-style munch that looks like it’s come direct from the tables of Oktoberfest. For the over-18s among you there’s also a great selection of beers to give you the real Oktoberfest experience.

4. Wirsthaus, Los Angeles

What’s this? A traditional German bar in downtown Los Angeles? Believe it! The crew at Wirsthaus offer hearty European fare to warm even the coolest evenings – although since this is Southern California, times probably call for a refreshingly chilled German beer instead. As with the rest of America, it’s an over-21s affair only. Sorry folks – we don’t make the rules!

5. Raith Gourmet, Cape Town

That’s right – they love German grub down in South Africa too! Head to Mill Street in the Gardens district and you’ll find this refined restaurant serving German-inspired dishes with the kind of sophistication you’d expect on a fancy first date.

6. Bernd’s Bar, Tokyo

Even the Japanese love a spot of German culture. Stop by Bernd’s Bar and try the sausage sampler plate as you enjoy the venue’s thoroughly German vibe – everything from the pictures on the walls (which includes photos of the famous guests who’ve dropped in for dinner) to the music playing as you chat with Bernd.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you’re sure to find somewhere that offers some Oktoberfest spirit. Remember to eat, drink and sing German songs responsibly!

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