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The letter B presents: 5 must-see places in Bristol

The letter B presents: 5 must-see places in Bristol

I’m always up for a challenge, so the assignment for a blog post about Bristol boasting the letter B was a bit bizarre but boldly beautiful. (Just warming up, this is only – drum roll – the beginning.) Luckily, one of my most beloved British cities in the south-west is full of brilliant (continue counting those _B_s) bridges, boats and bars to get everyone buzzing.

1. B is for the Bearpit

Once a collection of dark passageways that everyone avoided, the Bearpit has been completely transformed and now houses shops, green spaces, art installations and so much more. Where can you find it? Opposite the Broadmead shopping district in the middle of the roundabout. I’m not joking.

2. B is for Brunel’s Suspension Bridge

You can’t go to Bristol and not walk across the famous suspension bridge – it’s the city’s most prominent landmark! Spanning the Avon Gorge very (very) high up on the clifftops, it offers beautiful views as well as a doorway into the scenic village of Leigh Woods.

3. B is for Broadmead

Right at the heart of the city center is the Broadmead shopping district, which got a whole lot bigger seven years ago, when the glass-roofed Cabot Circus mall opened right next door. These twin retail destinations offer everything your shopping-crazy heart desires – from department stores to sushi restaurants and a cinema. The Broadmead is basically beyond big, so you can literally spend an entire day there (but your wallet would probably tell you not to).

4. B is for Blaise Castle

Blaise (pronounced blaze) Castle sits in the middle of a massive park on the edge of the city – head towards The Mall retail district in north Bristol, and you’ll pass it on your way. The actual castle sits in the middle of the forest and looks like something out of King Arthur. Enjoy a picnic in the sun or dress up as a knight and make all of your medieval fantasies a reality.

5. B is for The Bristol Downs

Okay, so these are technically known as just “The Downs” – but I wanted to get them in here anyway because they’re pretty awesome. These fields form one huge park that sits on top of the hill above Clifton Village. Everything from festivals to football matches happen here, and in the summer, it’s the prime place to hang out with friends or go for an evening run. If you like, you can even grab an ice cream and take and stroll through nearby Stoke Bishop, Bristol’s most expensive and exclusive neighborhood.

Image by Kristoffer Trolle, Flickr / Creative Commons

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