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An Australian-born writer and translator with a passion for education and travel. After finishing university, I moved to Spain, trading in sharks and snakes for sangria and Serrano ham. The call of Spanish then took me across the seas, to Chile, where I'm now based.

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Why a language course abroad is better than a year at school
min read min

A great school with great teachers and engaged peers is one of the most important things in a young ...

10 reasons why you should spend the summer in Malta
min read min

With 7000 years of history and an 8-month long summer season, Malta is a unique, always-sunny island...

10 reasons why New Zealand is the new hot spot to study
min read min

When planning to study abroad in the Southern Hemisphere, many students have their hearts set on Aus...

Why learn English in South Africa
min read min

Set on studying English abroad, but still wondering where to go? South Africa may be not on the top ...

Why learn English in Australia
min read min

Australia. Even its name evokes wanderlust. Almost everyone knows someone who’s traveled to or studi...

10 reasons to love Playa Tamarindo (Costa Rica’s hidden gem)
min read min

If you’re considering studying Spanish and would like to combine your language studies with world-cl...

Dropped out of uni, now what? 10 things to do to rebound
min read min

You were all ready to be university’s boss. Things started out well – but then, the unthinkable happ...

5 best ways to learn Spanish
min read min

Spanish is a language with advantages stamped all over it. It’s the mother tongue of more than 405 m...

How to live like a local in Sydney
min read min

Located right on the water, Sydney combines food, nature, fun weekend trips, and intense English imm...

Your teacher wishes you knew this about language learning
5 min read 5 min

Most language learners hit a wall at some point. Perhaps your progress hasn’t been as quick as you’d...

Perth is bucket list material. Here’s why
min read min

Closer to Bali than Sydney, Perth is both Australia’s most remote large city and one of its most liv...

How to learn a language faster – 4 easy techniques
min read min

So you’re itching to study abroad in Spain, go on a road trip around the US, or spend a summer surfi...