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An Australian-born writer and translator with a passion for education and travel. After finishing university, I moved to Spain, trading in sharks and snakes for sangria and Serrano ham. The call of Spanish then took me across the seas, to Chile, where I'm now based.

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Best in class: 4 tips for learning a new language faster
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Just taking some language classes isn’t enough to become fluent. Studying (and mastering!) a foreign...

10 reasons to absolutely adore Sydney
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Ahhh Sydney, we really, really heart you. You’re so beautiful, varied, sunny, and delicious. You giv...

Learn one of these 5 languages to stand out
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For most people looking to study another language, English remains the first choice – and for good r...

Back to basics: 10 English words for restaurants
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Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee and cake, after work drinks or a just quick bite to eat – t...

8 reasons why you’ll never regret traveling
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However much they might yearn to go overseas and “see the world”, people tend to make all sorts of e...

5 best cities in the world to study English
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Forget about London, New York or Sydney – or at least consider your options.If you’re looking to go ...

4 reasons why you should send your child to study abroad
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Every day, parents wave their children off at departure gates across the world and wonder how they w...

10 Spanish expressions everyone should know
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Spanish is one of the world’s most widely-spoken languages and Castilian (the version spoken in Spai...

Learning English is still a must (and here’s why)
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It’s hard to escape the dominance of the English language in our globalized world. Although there ar...

How to save money while traveling
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You’ve done it: You’re on the road or just landed in a new country, and you’re ready to start explor...

10 confusing English words (and how to get them right)
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Oh English, you tricky piece of work. Just when we think we’ve got you figured out, you go and break...

Barcelona: 8 insider tips to live la vida local
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Barcelona is one of Europe’s most strikingly, fabulously, poignantly, and intensely beautiful cities...