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An even better you: personality traits that make you pop

An even better you: personality traits that make you pop

Entering the job market can be intimidating and nerve-racking, knowing that there are thousands of others, just like you, swimming in the hiring pool. But with the right personality traits and the right approach to life and work, you can become an awesome employee and one that really stands out of the crowd.

Be proactive

“Dear Pessimist, Realist and Optimist, while you were arguing over the glass, I drank the water. From, the opportunist.” You have to be three steps ahead, and do as much as you can rather than simply talk about it.

Be flexible

The only constant in life is change. You need to be able to adapt to any and all situations that arise.

Be a good communicator

Focus on communicating clearly and honestly, both in person and via email. Remember that  being a good listener is just as important so that ideas can be discussed and developed together.

Be respectful

There is no other way to earn respect than by giving it. This also involves being honest with yourself and others.

Be confident

Don’t be arrogant, but don’t doubt yourself either or be afraid to say “I don’t know”.

Be enthusiastic

When you’re motivated, it will motivate others around you and create a better work environment.

Be open-minded

Consider all options when making a decision, especially in an  international team. No matter what their background, everyone thinks differently and can make a valuable contribution, so make sure you give them the chance.

Be organized

Come prepared to meetings, presentations and events. Make to-do lists and know your deadlines, it’ll make work (and life!) a lot easier and impress your boss.

Be yourself

It’s why you were hired after all! Don’t try to fit a mold or waste energy trying to be something you’re not. Everyone brings something to the table. Make sure to find an employer that’ll appreciate that.

And most importantly of all – be passionate

Love what you do and never work a day in your life!

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