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10 hidden gems in Miami

10 hidden gems in Miami

Miami is a beach hopper’s paradise, a style influencer’s inspiration, a shopper’s mecca, and one of the best places in the world to absorb some vitamin D.

But there’s much more to this beach city – and I’m here to let you in on some of those hidden (and sometimes very quirky) gems.

1. SuViche

Wynwood is known for those graffitied walls, and after taking a stroll to have a look at them, I would suggest making a pit stop at SuViche, a Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant. This is just one example of the exciting cultural fusions that define food culture in Miami.

2. Soho Beach House

Rather than staying at the overly-crowded and super touristy beaches along Ocean Drive, you can head up north to Soho Beach House. It can get busy too, but it’s also a great place for celebrity spotting; just let the paparazzi lead the way. And if celebrities go here, then it must be good, right?

3. Hyde Beach Club

Even if the beach scene isn’t your thing, Hyde Beach Club is the place to go for outrageous pool parties.

4. El Fresco Courtyard

On the outskirts of Little Havana, Dave “Krave” Fila, a local hero and talented street artist, has maintained El Fresco, a cool outdoor chill spot that showcases his artwork, has a mini stage known for spontaneous performances and allows food trucks to pop up so you can have your fixing of both food and art.

5. Wat Buddharangsi

While the Redlands may be known for farmer markets and fruit stands, it’s also a place where you can find your zen at Miami’s Theravada Buddhist temple, the Wat Buddharangsi. Soak up some spirituality and connect with the monks that run the place.

6. Stone Age Antiques

If you’re into vintage finds and thrift shopping, Stone Age Antiques on the Miami River is your spot. It offers plenty – and by plenty we mean PLENTY – of curiosities to browse and buy.

7. Rouge in North Beach

Rouge is considered one of the best French restaurants that Miami has to offer, blending French and Moroccan cultures and tastes with ease. While the food is something you should definitely try, the courtyard is what makes this place stand out with its Moroccan design, bougainvillea plants and occasional jazz concert.

8. The Cafe at Books & Books

Book lovers, rejoice! The Cafe at Books & Books – in two locations around the city – is a cafe connected to an independent bookstore, and serves all three meals of the day. Brunch is the most popular meal here and every Friday and Saturday evening you can enjoy free live music (as well as the chance to get your book signed by one of the many visiting authors, of course!)

9. Manatee Bend Park

If you’ve ever wanted to spot manatees, then head to Manatee Bend Park. Although Miami isn’t known for having a lot of green space, Manatee Bend Park is a small, but refreshing little oasis to relax in. You can couple chilling in the grass with a chance to see some sea cows (a nickname for manatees).

10. Stiltsville House

If you’re looking to splurge on some “me time”, rent one of the seven Stiltsville houses. These houses date back decades and get their name from being built on stilts, miles off Miami’s coast. You’ll need a boat to get there, as well as plenty of cash (and plenty of advance planning), but if you like to treat yourself with stays in unusual places, then this is it!

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