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Student artists show off creativity at Academy Rocks and Arts Night

For the past few weeks, the students in the art courses at EF Academy New York have been hard at work preparing for our music, drama, and visual arts showcases. The arts programs here at our New York campus give students the opportunity to harness their creativity and enhance their talents while also exploring different artistic endeavors and learning new skills. During the week of November 12, our imaginative artists, musicians and actors were able to perform and present their projects at two exciting events: Academy Rocks and Arts Night.

Academy Rocks is an annual concert organized and performed by the students in the songwriting courses and the after school music club. Led by Mr. Billy Roues, a music teacher and a musician himself, these students have been honing their musical skills throughout the semester in preparation for this night of performance. The students presented a wide variety of pieces and genres: some songs were bright and upbeat, some were heartfelt and reflective, and many were originally written by the songwriting classes. Students and faculty in the audience certainly enjoyed being a part of the concert, which was a truly remarkable display of musical talent.

A few days later, on Arts Night, the students in our visual art, drama and music courses had the chance to feature some of the projects they have been creating this semester. The drama students performed intense excerpts from plays that they have been rehearsing this semester, and students in the music courses played and sang the pieces they have been practicing. Many of the students in our visual arts courses shared their work with the school in an interactive exhibition, allowing them to explain their processes and inspirations to interested attendees. Among the many beautiful projects were sculptures made by the students in the Art and Emotional Expression course and batiks created by some of our students in IB Art.

All of the students and faculty involved in the arts programs here at EF Academy New York should be extremely proud of everything they’ve accomplished this term. We look forward to seeing what these talented students create in the future!

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