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How to re-energize the working week

How to re-energize the working week

Daydreaming at your desk? We’ve all been there. We’ve all had days when productivity levels are down. You count the hours until you can turn off your computer. You feel your eyelids sag and it becomes impossible to focus. Here at EF Academy HQ in Zürich, we’re no exception. We have mornings fueled by no more than good, strong coffee and jokes about taking power naps under our desks. We have, however, developed a few practices that could make all the difference to your daily routine. I’ve rounded up some of our top mojo-boosting tips below for re-energizing your working week.

Take your lunch break

Sometimes a change of scene is all we need to reset. Make sure you step away from your desk during your lunch break. If possible, get outside. Eating lunch al desko probably isn’t going to increase your productivity and by the end of the day, you’ll wish you’d taken that break.

Move around

In many office jobs, it can be all too easy to sit at your desk all day without really moving. Here at EF Academy HQ, we take five minutes mid-morning to plank, wall sit, jog on the spot or just get up from our chairs for a walk around. Sound too energetic? Why not try some gentle exercises in your desk chair? Don’t be a mouse potato.

Write down your daily achievements

Everyone’s got a to-do list, but sometimes a list of things you’ve actually achieved can be just as helpful. We think Trello is an excellent tool for this. First, organize your daily tasks. Then, throughout the day, move completed tasks into a separate list. By the end of the week, you’ll have a whole collection of achievements to motivate you for the next week to come.

Try a morning in ‘Monk Mode’

When you enter ‘Monk Mode’ you make a declaration to yourself and everyone else that you’re going to shut yourself off and do some heavy thinking. At EF, we’re lucky enough to work in a big building full of all kinds of nooks and crannies where we can retreat to focus and get in the zone. If you can, go solo and find your own space at work. Alternatively, stay put, find yourself a good soundtrack, put your earphones in, and retreat into sweet solitude.

Turn off your notifications

This one’s a no-brainer – you really don’t need to know what your school friend is having for lunch or which of your cousin’s friends just got a cat. Right now, you need to get in the zone and that isn’t going to happen if your phone is splitting your focus. If, like me, you’re a slave to the iPhone, Apple also has this neat feature where you can limit your screen time.

A few other ideas include: taking walking meetings, rewarding yourself with snacks, planning after-work drinks to look forward to – and if none of this leaves you feeling inspired? Here’s to the weekend!