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Updates from the New York varsity season

Updates from the New York varsity season

At EF Academy New York, our student athletes have been busy training and competing in their sports clubs. We would like to take a moment to share with you some of the highlights and accomplishments of our sports teams during this varsity season!

Boys Varsity Soccer

Varsity boys soccer

Head Coach Adrian Burgess and Goalkeeper/Assistant Coach Jonas Valenti helped lead 25 students from 11 different countries this Fall, competing against 17 schools; this year’s boys took home 14 wins over the 17 local schools across Westchester County. Pablo (12th grade, from Spain,) and Rei (11th grade, from Japan,) who have helped lead this season as team captains. Leading goal scorer, Alberto, from Italy, averaged 1.7 goals a match with a season high of 27 goals. The victories over the rival German International School in New York, and South Kent High School will be particularly memorable to the boys, marking a comeback with Rei’s amazing saves against South Kent.

Girls Varsity Soccer

Varsity girls soccer

This year’s Varsity Girls Soccer team was coached by Miriam and Jennie . 17 girls from 12 different countries proved they could overcome the odds, and achieved a successful season, with more than half of the team having never played soccer before. They showed up to practice after school throughout the Fall semester, eager to learn and work as a team. This seasons’ team captains were Izaro (12th grader from Legazpi, Spain) and Abby (11th grader from Warren, New Jersey), and their last game ended the season with a victory over Storm King High the whole team will remember.“ Our last game was proof of how much we have improved as a team. My last game was something that I have ever had. I’ll definitely never forget” – Izaro.

Varsity Cross Country

The Boys and Girls Varsity Cross-Country season was led by Coach Zach McCleney and Assistant Coach Valdimir Kuskovski. This fall, the team utilized the trails on campus to prepare for their upcoming meets. Two athletes made an impression, beating their personal records: Samual with a time of 17:28 at Storm King (3 Miles), and Ayami  with a time of 26:10 at Hamden Hall (5K). The season came to an end with an invitation to compete at the Nike Cross Country Regionals Meet against 200 other racers in Bowdoin Park in Wappingers Falls, New York.

Varsity Volleyball

Girls varsity volleyball

The Girls Volleyball season was coached by Bill Roach and Sinead Kelly. 16 games versus local schools were booked this Fall, and with an outstanding 11 wins, this team was a force to be reckoned with. Star player and team captain Valentina from Italy shone throughout the season with her unreturnable serves. The season fell a game short from entering the championship tournament, losing to Montfort Academy. “The team work and group cohesion were fantastic. Wherever they traveled they showed sportsmanship, good skills, dynamic enthusiasm and tenacity. They never gave up! Some games they had a slow start to their’ physical capabilities and cooperative play, but they worked diligently to show their strong 3 touch volleyball skills”

Boys Basketball

The Boys Varsity Basketball Team started their first season as part of the City Schools Sports League, a league that allowed our Boys Basketball team to compete competitively versus multiple private schools in Westchester County. Head Coach Wayne Walton and Assistant Coach Bert Yaffe led the team through multiple home games that filled up the bleachers. This season Justin averaged 21.5 points during his last two matches and dropped 13 three-pointers on 21 attempts. And congratulations to Erik from Norway for being selected as an All League Athlete, alongside Justin!

Girls Basketball

This year’s Varsity Girls’ Basketball team was coached by Bill Roach and Assistant Coach Ace Steblea. The team also entered its first season as part of the City Sports League (CCSL) and secured spot number 4 to head into the 2023 HVSSA Girls Basketball Championship tournament. Senior Basketball and Soccer player Milka from Mexico says “For the past two years, the court became my home and the coaches and team my family.I played for the volleyball and basketball season this year and it is extremely heartbreaking knowing that it is all coming to an end.I created strong bonds not only with my teammates but my coaches as well. These people had a big impact in my life and were there to support me every time.I am so proud for everything we fought for together and for not giving up! Thank you so much Coach Roach, Ms. Kelly and Ace for the respect and care towards us!”


Written by Salvador Garcia, Residential Advisor at EF Academy New York 

Participating in sports and being part of a club on campus not only improves physical fitness but also fosters important life skills such as teamwork, perseverance, and leadership. With a wide range of sports clubs to choose from, we support our students to find the right club for them.