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Meet the team – student success with Daniela Arcos

Our student success teams at EF Academy are committed to ensuring that every student’s experience is the best that it can be. We’d like you to meet Daniela Arcos, one of our Student Success Counselors from our New York campus.

Tell us about yourself: 

I started working in EF Academy at the beginning of this academic year. I have a background in Psychology and I’ve had some experience working with both teenagers and younger children. Before moving to the United States I was living in Ecuador, my home country, so I’m familiar with the process of getting accustomed to a new culture and familiarizing oneself with a new language.

Tell us about your role at EF Academy! 

My role in EF Academy is being available for my students and helping them with any difficulty they have, whether it’s academic or personal in nature. I am in close contact with the student’s teachers as well as residential team, so I am well aware of the student’s overall wellbeing. I am also available for the parents with any concern they might have, communicating the information to the people that can help in more specific matters, or simply reaching out to the student and being present for them.

What is your favorite part about your role at the school?

Definitely, talking to my students. I very much enjoy engaging with them and listening to their stories and/or difficulties. I believe that I have a lot to learn from them as well, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

How does EF Academy prepare a student for the future?

The students in EF Academy have the opportunity to meet people, both students and staff members, from all over the world. For me, this is one of the greatest advantages of the school. Not only do they have the opportunity of learning from other cultures and languages, an eye-opening and enrichening experience in itself, but they are also constantly learning about respect and empathy. Furthermore, they learn how to be independent and responsible at a young age, which makes the transition to University easier. Having access to a wide variety of clubs and activities is also something unique, which allows students to engage in activities that can be very useful for them later on.

What should students know about living at EF Academy Thornwood, NY? And what do you like most about life at EF Academy Thornwood, NY?

Being next to one of most iconic cities in the world, the students at EF Academy Thornwood have an amazing advantage, as they can visit New York City almost every weekend if they wish to do so. This allows them to go to museums, restaurants, plays, parks and many other places and activities that are unique to this city. However, life in campus itself has great things as well. Personally, I believe there’s a general sense of involvement and care, since everyone seems to be working towards the common goal of improving this community every day.

What advice do you have for parents who are thinking about sending their child to EF Academy? Why should a student join EFA? 

The students at EF Academy have the opportunity of engaging in a wonderful, unique experience! As previously mentioned, they meet people from all over the world and learn about different cultural practices and languages. They learn how to be more independent and responsible, both academically and personally. They have the opportunity of taking challenging courses that will prepare them for University, as well as being part of clubs and extracurricular activities. All of these great reasons to consider coming to EF Academy.

What can you be found doing during your free time? 

In my free time I very much enjoy reading and watching good movies or TV shows. I also like keeping myself active, whether that means going for a walk, running or practicing some yoga.



EF Academy prepares every student for success by providing an academic environment that works in combination with exceptional guidance and support.

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