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Living Coasts summer IAP trip

Living Coasts summer IAP trip

We learned more new things when we went to this zoo. After collecting our tickets, the first thing we saw were Penguins and we enjoyed the show of feeding them. First of all, I learned that there are different types of penguins such as African Penguins and Macaroni Penguins. The first type of these kind of animals live in crowded noisy neighborhoods while the other type of penguin spends most of their time out at sea.

After a long show of Penguins, we went on to discover another type of bird which are called sandpipers. We saw this morning that some sandpipers stood on just one leg! And they like to live in the water as well. Then we were ready to enjoy another animal which were the otters. They are good but I don’t like them too much. Otters usually live in freshwater, however, some of the threats to otters can be either pollution or hunting.

The next show that we saw were the seals. There are many kinds of Seals, for example, Eared Seals that are also known as Fur Seals. This is because of their outside ear flap and they have a thick waterproof fur coat. The final thing that we saw was the aquarium which contained different types of fish. Some of these I saw for the first time. At one point I thought that some kind of fish could be dead due to the flash of the camera because it was written everywhere, “Do not use your camera flash.”

It was an awesome morning at the amazing Zoo because we discovered so many new things. We enjoyed every single show of the animals that we saw.