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How to live the Californian lifestyle

How to live the Californian lifestyle

We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be adding the city of Pasadena to our EF Academy family with a new campus coming soon! But what can prospective students expect from life on the golden coast? We’ve put together some advice on how to live like a true California native, making the most of this beautiful, inspiring location.

Eat organic

It’s no secret that California loves to eat organic. In fact, Californian farmers are responsible for the majority percentage of organic produce sold in America. With organic farms like those in Salinas or Carmel Valley, not only can you eat organic, but you can shop local and support your community too. In California you’ll have all the fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries you need to fuel you through your academic studies.

Get active

Situated between Los Angeles and the Angeles National Forest, Pasadena is perfectly positioned for those wanting to live a healthy SoCal lifestyle. Try riding through bike paths surrounded by lush woodland or take a trip to L.A and try out the famous hiking trails popular with celebrities. Take an early morning run or end the day with a spot of yoga at sunset. You could even catch some waves if surfing’s your thing. However you like to get your blood pumping, California is the place to be.


Explore your new environment and everything it has to offer. Take an afternoon to feed your soul at one of California’s rugged national parks. Stroll through the trees and breathe in the fresh air. Visit the ‘Land of Giants’ at Sequoia National Park or enjoy some peace and quiet in the vast woodland of Angeles National Forest. There’s nothing like getting back to nature to truly connect you to a new location. If that’s not your thing, why not sample California’s famous designer boutiques or take a trip to the beach? Better still, find a coffee shop, sit outside, and watch the world go by.

Get passionate

Home to Silicon Valley, there’s no place like California to keep you motivated and inspired. A hub of high-tech innovation, in Pasadena you’ll be rubbing shoulders with some of the brightest minds of this generation: industry leaders, start-ups, inventors, and more. In your new home, make sure you leave time to study hard and think creatively. California is all about personal growth, living every day to the fullest and making the most of your surroundings.



So, eat organic, get active, explore, get passionate and get applying!