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Engineering in Action at EF Academy Oxford

The Education in Action days have proved to be a brilliant insight for students into the professional applications of their math studies. This ‘Engineering in Action’ afternoon of interactive lectures were a great mix of disciplines, all with exciting roles in the real world of engineering.

Dr Jackie Bell, from Imperial College London, gave us an insight into her career journey in designing astronauts’ suits and equipment, and the engineering needed to get in to space! She explored the real-world (and in some cases out-of-this-world) problems engineers need to solve in her field.

Professor Dave Cliff, from the University of Bristol explained how due to the phenomenal rate of progress in computer technology over the last 50 years, we are close to hitting unavoidable limits. This lecture showed students new approaches, one drawing inspiration from biology.

Roma Agrawal MBE, Structural Engineer showed how the bridges, buildings and tunnels which surround us in a city were designed and built, and how people, cars, nature and materials are turned into numbers to make sure our structures don’t collapse.

I asked the students to write down their favourite parts of the event, and I can share some answers with you below:

“The engineering in action event was very informative and useful, I really enjoyed the quantum computing, it helped me to know more about what I want to do in the future and make a decision.”

“The engineering in action event was very educating, I was more interested in the civil engineering part, and I hope for another experience like that.”

“This event was very informative, I acquired a lot of knowledge, especially the computer technology part with Professor Cliff , which I found very interesting, and I was fascinated by the way computers have been built up, and how they evolved over the years , and also the way datas and browsers are managed.  I really enjoyed it, engineering is a very interesting domain that I’d never stop learning about it. Thank you, and looking to join more similar events in the future.”

Written by Lidia Salinas, Math Teacher at EF Academy Oxford

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