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EF Academy: Rain or shine, Statue of Liberty & Times Square

Lady Liberty and the Big Apple, ready or not, here we come! On Saturday the 27th, we went to our first field trip. Our field trips coincide with our academic themes, so since our theme of week 2 was “New York,” we knew that the students would enjoy going to our national monument: The Statue of Liberty. As our students stared at our green emblem of liberty, our students learned that the Statue of Liberty was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States. They also learned that this monument is recognized as a symbol of freedom and democracy. For some of our students, this was not only their first time in New York, but their first time in the United States, so they marveled at the statue that they have only either heard about or seen on TV. This trip was certainly a great way to enable our students learn and expand their knowledge in regard to multiculturalism since New York is a melting pot that welcomes people from all over the world.

After saying goodbye to lady liberty, the students and chaperones headed to our famous “Times Square” where they had a little taste of what New York City is all about: fashion, shopping, beauty, great restaurants, amazing attractions, museums and the excitement of the city that never sleeps! Tourists from all over the world dream to be in New York City and there we were, where movies are filmed, famous people live and where dreams were—and continue to be—made. The students couldn’t take their eyes off all the dazzling and vivid lights of the city. The weather could have been better, but the cloudy sky and light rain did not deter our students. New York City still held its magical allure. Our students’ contagious enthusiasm and positive energy not only made our first trip glamorous but unforgettable!

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