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Best educational summer destinations: Europe

Best educational summer destinations: Europe

The summer holidays are an ideal opportunity to explore and learn from the world around you. Whether you’re interested in combining your search for sunshine with a little culture, or you’re looking to fully immerse yourself into a new history – We think you’ll find something on this list that appeals.

Rome, Italy

With over 2,000 years of history, a visit to the Colosseum is a great way to learn about the Roman Empire. Originally hosting more than 50,000 people to watch animal fights, prisoner executions and of course, battles between gladiators. The Colosseum has since fallen victim to earthquake damage, lootings, and bombings in World War Two. Alongside its entertainment history, the structure has also served as a church, cemetery and even a castle for a noble family. Partner a visit to The Colosseum with a trip to the Vatican City, home to The Pope, and you’ll leave Italy feeling truly educated and steeped in history.

Krakow, Poland

Poland has become a major tourism hub, offering beautiful medieval architecture and several educational experiences. There are few sites which communicate the dark side of history as well as Krakow, invaded by the Nazis in 1939. Guided tours lead visitors through the cell blocks and museum exhibits of concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. Krakow is also home to the Wieliczka Salt Mines, one of the oldest continuously used salt mines globally (only closing in 2017). Today that rich history has been converted into a museum and world-rated UNESCO site. Walk deep under the earth through caverns and tunnels, wonder at salt carvings and visit the beautiful salt cathedral.

Athens, Greece

If you’re interested in classic Greek mythology then there’s no better place to visit than the capital of Greece, Athens. Home to the Acropolis, the most important ancient site in the Western world, and the Parthenon, you won’t fall short of inspiration here. The Parthenon is dedicated to the Goddess Athena and took 15 years to build before being completed in 438 BC! Visitors can expect beautiful architecture and art, incredible stories and rich culture.

Stockholm, Sweden

There are few museums quite as spectacular as the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Housed in a specially built facility, here you’ll find a gigantic sunken ship from 1628, salvaged from the icy depths 333 years later. The mightiest warship of its time, the Vasa is one of the best-preserved artifacts from the period. This museum is packed with experiential learning opportunities – for example, walk through a model village from the era and learn about the features of living in this time. You can even step inside replicated rooms from the ship itself! If you’re still looking to learn more during your trip, visit the Fotografiska, museum of contemporary photography, or perhaps Abba, The Museum!

London, England

We think London is a great educational destination because of the abundance of catered tourist experiences. Visit the medieval Tower of London built in 1078 by William the Conqueror – you can even catch a glimpse of the Royal Family’s Crown Jewels. If you’re looking for something more laid back, you could visit the SEA LIFE London Aquarium, Madame Tussaud’s Waxwork Museum, The Victoria and Albert Arts Museum or even catch a show on London’s famous West End. Another highlight is possibly the London Dungeons, an experiential learning opportunity which delves into the city’s grisly past.

Berlin, Germany

It’s no surprise that Berlin ranks high on the top educational destinations list for high school and university trips. Visit Teufelsberg in the Grunewald Forest, an abandoned US spy station and Cold War relic built on the debris of World War Two. Then visit the Berlin Wall Memorial, the last preserved piece of the wall which once separated the East from the West – a symbol of the lack of freedom under communist rule. Follow this up with a trip through the murals of the East Side Gallery – a must for lovers of art and graffiti.



If traveling is your thing, then we think you’d fit in perfectly at EF Academy.