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5 reasons to send your child to study high school in the US or the UK

5 reasons to send your child to study high school in the US or the UK

Everyone wants the best for their child, but when the best education is abroad, that can result in a difficult choice for a parent. It’s understandable that this is an important decision, but while there are still considerations to be made, it could also be the start of an incredible new adventure for your student. They’ll grow in confidence and independence, have access to some of the best study facilities in the world, build a global network of friends, and so much more. We’ve put together a list of what we think are the top five most exciting reasons to send your child to high school in the US or the UK.


The US and the UK are home to some of the best high schools and universities in the world. Choose to send your child to the UK, and you can expect them to benefit from the scholastic traditions that have produced some of history’s greatest thinkers: Sir Isaac Newton, Alan Turing, Stephen Hawking, Sylvia Plath, Sir David Attenborough, and many more. Choose to send your child to study in the US, and you will see them supported in diverse communities with access to the bright city lights and creative buzz of musicians, artists, scientists, writers, and more. A new location will re-invigorate your child’s studies and give them a fresh perspective on education.


High schools in the US and the UK can offer your child the qualifications that will open up a world of opportunities for university and beyond. Through studying for the US High School Diploma, IGCSE, IB Diploma or for A-Levels, your child will gain an international passport to access some of the best higher education institutions in the world. These qualifications are also academically rigorous and designed to challenge students to think and work independently. Ultimately, they produce learners who know what it takes to succeed and who are prepared to work hard to get there.

Personal experience

Many international high schools in the US and the UK are set up as boarding schools. A boarding school means that your child will be cared for and looked after around the clock. This enables a school to get to know their students from the moment they arrive on campus, to the moment they graduate. This personal experience means that your child’s academic goals and aspirations will be known by staff and their education tailored accordingly. This environment also creates a home away from home where students can feel comfortable and supported while they’re away from their parents.


Another quality of high school abroad is the advantage it offers students who choose to attend university away from home. Students who have already studied abroad are known by universities as independent, well organized, self-motivated, and mature. This is because many of the challenges university students face for the first time – chores, cooking, budgeting, meeting study deadlines, sticking to a schedule, being considerate of other people and their cultures – will be no problem for a child who has already lived away from home.

Personal development

High schools in the US and the UK are committed to preparing students for university, and personal development is a large part of this. Your son or daughter will be fully guided and supported towards becoming a confident, globally-minded person with a future full of opportunity and promise. Studying alongside classmates from a new culture, or at an international school, from many new cultures, your child will learn from and grow into their surroundings.



These are just five reasons to send your child to study abroad for high school. At EF Academy, we have campuses in Oxford and Torbay (UK) and New York (US). We offer an international education, and we pride ourselves on helping students to develop into bright, successful, global citizens.