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3 benefits of studying outside of your native country

3 benefits of studying outside of your native country

As an increasing number of students are choosing to take their studies abroad, we’re learning more and more about what lessons await them in their new home. It’s clear that studying outside of your native country does have its benefits – top universities all over the world are accepting higher numbers of international students every year – but what exactly is it about studying abroad that creates better learners and better university candidates?

English Language Skills

With many of the leading universities in the world teaching in English, it makes sense that if you’re determined to study with the best, you’d better perfect your English language skills. There is no better way to learn and test yourself than through fully immersing yourself in a new language. English is a global passport that no matter where your native country, will transport you to wherever you dream of travelling next.

Diversity of Experience

Students who have put themselves out of their comfort zone are attractive to universities. A student who has attended an international school will have been surrounded by a mix of different cultures and experiences. They’re better equipped to enter the wider world and have developed a personality that is open-minded, curious and accepting.


One of the greatest benefits of studying outside of your native country is that naturally, you will grow in independence. Without your parents and families to rely on, many of the tasks and responsibilities a young person learns at university will already be second nature to an international student. Managing your own work schedule, free time, budget, activities, and chores, will cause you to grow in maturity in a way you perhaps wouldn’t at home.

But these are just three ideas. Students prepared to study internationally will gain a network of friends from all over the world, be inspired by new environments and fresh perspectives, develop a global mindset, learn to always consider beyond their local surroundings and into the bigger picture. The conclusion is, ultimately, that studying outside of your native country is a benefit in itself, and one of the best ways to kickstart your academic career.



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