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12 reasons not to choose the IB

12 reasons not to choose the IB

Caught your attention? Khoa Thien Le, IBY1 student from Vietnam writes in jest the reasons why you may not want to consider IB!

Don’t choose IB if…

  1. … you don’t want to possess a valuable diploma acknowledged by most universities all over the world.
  2. …you are not interested in developing yourself in a comprehensive way.
  1. ….you are just a bookworm – IB is for those who want to balance studying and participating in extracurricular activities.
  1. …you don’t want to experience a new language and other cultures in classes such as Spanish, Germany, French and even Chinese.
  1. …you don’t want to make new friends. IB is an international program so it’s best studied in a multinational environment with many other students from all over the world. IB students are very active and passionate, and always willing to start a conversation.
  1. …you aren’t interested in applying to and attending a top university.
  1. …you don’t want to explore topics and issues from many different points of view. IB will make your brain twinge because of critical thinking.
  1. …you don’t feel brave enough to tackle a 4,000-word essay that will prove your ability and readiness for university.
  1. …you love the education in your hometown, where you need to study more than ten subjects just for the test and then forget most of them instead of concentrating on only 6 subjects that you are truly passionate about.
  1. …you are afraid of the pressure of studying and think that you don’t have time management skills.
  1. …you are not interested in participating in cool clubs like Model United Nations, Literary Magazine or even Student Council.
  1. …you want to study in a crowded class with more than 40 students where it’s easy to ignore the teacher. IB classes have a maximum of 15 students and everyone is focused and participates by asking lots of questions.

IB is not intended for students who don’t want to pursue their passions. It might be scary, but there’s a lot waiting to be explored, so don’t go for this program if you’re not ready to develop confidence in yourself and learning about the world.



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