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EF Stories: Melissa from Germany in EF San Diego
3 min read 3 min

I went on a 10-week language study trip with EF to the beautiful and diverse city of San Diego in Ma...

EF Stories: Seiya from Japan at EF Seattle
2 min read 2 min

Seiya studied abroad in the United States for 11 months. Although he has traveled abroad before, thi...

EF Stories: Annalisa from Germany in EF Costa Rica
3 min read 3 min

Why did you decide to go on a language study trip?I knew for a very long time that I really wanted t...

EF Stories: Lisanne from Germany in EF Toronto
3 min read 3 min

What did you realize in Toronto?After spending four weeks with EF in Toronto, it was clear to me tha...

EF Stories: Lea-Marie from Germany in EF Seoul
4 min read 4 min

Hello, I'm Lea-Marie, and I'm going to Seoul with EF for four weeks soon.I first learned abo...

EF Stories: Misuzu Kashima from Japan at EF Manchester
4 min read 4 min

1. Career and profileAfter graduating from aviation school I worked for an airline company for 4 ye...

EF Stories: Tuvali at EF Malaga
4 min read 4 min

Tuvali went on a language trip to Malaga in the summer of 2020. She has told us about her best memor...

EF Stories: Camilla from Sweden at EF Munich
3 min read 3 min

Hi Camilla, where are you in the world right now?Hello! I am currently in Munich, specifically chill...

EF Stories: Nankei from Japan at EF Brisbane
7 min read 7 min

1. Why did you decide to study abroad?When I was a university student, I went on a trip overseas wit...

EF Stories: Ryouhei from Japan at EF Auckland
4 min read 4 min

1. Why did you decide to study abroad?I was disappointed at myself that I wasn't able to say tha...

EF Stories: Just Riadh from France at EF Tokyo
1 min read 1 min

1. Do you usually speak Japanese? What's your level on a scale of 1 to 10?Just Riadh: My Japanes...

EF Stories: Yari from Belgium at EF Dublin
2 min read 2 min

I went to Dublin with EF for 3 weeks because I was always a bit behind on my English during my schoo...