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Where should I study? New York vs London
5 min read 5 min

Hot dogs vs crumpets, coffee vs tea, yellow taxis vs black cabs: It’s time to pit New York and Londo...

An all-American game: Baseball explained
3 min read 3 min

Baseball season is in full swing (pun intended) – and there’s nothing quite like a hot summer night ...

10 reasons to love Miami
5 min read 5 min

You’ve never been anywhere like Miami – fact. Known as the “Magic City”, Miami boasts a unique and e...

Gap year guide to the US
6 min read 6 min

There’s no right way to take a gap year, no perfect time to start, and no ideal location to visit – ...

Darth Vader and democracy: Washington D.C. infographic
1 min read 1 min

Capital cities the world over possess iconic landmarks and rich history, but, as our infographic pro...

10 music festivals that should be on your bucket list
4 min read 4 min

Every bucket list needs at least one big music festival, and we’re here to help you update your musi...

10 things we bet you didn’t know about Grand Central
4 min read 4 min

Do you think train stations are boring? Think again. Grand Central Terminal in New York City is so m...

The best beaches in Los Angeles: Our ultimate list
4 min read 4 min

No trip to the City of Angels is complete without a visit to one of the many beaches. From swimming ...

3 classic US road trips to plan right now
3 min read 3 min

Road trips are all the rage now, and few countries beat the range and scale offered up by the US. Wi...

Best bites in Boston: dishes and spots you shouldn’t miss
3 min read 3 min

The city of Boston is known for many things: enthusiastic sports fans, traffic jams and a unique Ame...

5 hidden gems in Washington D.C.
2 min read 2 min

From the Lincoln Memorial to the White House – there are loads landmarks and cultural sites in Washi...

We love LA: Los Angeles Infographic
1 min read 1 min

From the iconic Hollywood sign, to sprawling villas and the palm trees that line Venice Beach, Los A...