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Top 5 eats in Southern California from a local

Top 5 eats in Southern California from a local

If you’re privileged enough to travel, you should always make the time to try all of the incredible food your destination has to offer. If you’re headed west to California, you’ll have just about every cuisine available to you but there are some must-haves that are distinctly Californian. Here are five of the best eats in the southernmost parts of the Golden State. These are places everybody can try, regardless of their budget or available time.

In-N-Out Burger

Everyone in California grows up eating In-N-Out. Whether you’re there for the burgers, the milkshakes, or something from the secret menu, this is a must!  Living abroad, this is my first dinner when I travel back home. Shoutout to my homies at the In-N-Out off of Sepulveda Blvd near LAX.


Have you ever felt like you can’t decide between baked goods and ice cream? Now you’ll never have to again because this is a glorious place to enjoy them in a sugary, satisfying combination! Started in Berkely California in 2010, CREAM is your go-to space for fresh baked cookies and rich, creamy ice cream. Perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth!

Dog Haus

America is known for its fun take on hot dogs, but Dog Haus is in a league of its own! The one in Pasadena will change the way you want to eat a hot dog and from that point forward, you’ll crave their signature, sweet bread instead of a standard hot dog bun.

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

You’ve probably seen this unusual combination on a menu before and even if you haven’t, it’s something beloved by generations. But Roscoe’s is the original! With its original spot in Hollywood, it’s branched out to several different California locations. This is a great way to get started in the world of soul food. Might sound a little strange at first but as the Los Angeles Times has famously said, these days it’s hailed as “such an L.A. institution that people don’t even question the strange combo anymore.” Go give it a try!


Technically not a Cali original, but beloved by all! For those looking for something less meaty and a bit lighter, by CHLOE might be your new favorite space. This is a great spot that can be every bit as healthy or indulgent as you’d like it to be. Perfect for lunch after a morning hike near Griffith Observatory, or a night out with friends, this is going to be a great space to visit for some tasty vegan or vegetarian cuisine.