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What does a supportive learning environment look like?

What does a supportive learning environment look like?

Finding a supportive learning environment can be challenging when planning your future school career. There are a lot of students who might have experienced issues at a previous school or don’t feel they’re provided with the chance to make the most of their unique skills and individuality.

When considering a boarding school abroad, you should take into account the opportunities the school offers to provide the best possible environment for your personal and academic development. Here are three components of a supportive learning environment at an international boarding school like EF Academy.


A supportive learning environment starts in the classroom. At EF Academy, teachers promote student interaction, engagement, and self-confidence. By valuing every student’s skill set and encouraging them to think critically, the classroom community benefits from different opinions and makes everyday classes an adventure. Students learn to tolerate, accept and engage with different views, which is beneficial for future international career options. Students feel safe expressing their opinion and don’t shy away from being critical about certain topics. They’re supported in what they believe in and who they’re developing into.

School Community

Our schools offer a broad network of support. Whether it’s academic, pastoral or medical, our school staff have the resources to support every student according to their requirements. For our students to make the best use of their environment, it is crucial to speak openly about the assistance they might require.

The school nurses on campus provide excellent medical attention, considering any requirements or issues that might come up. But to provide this, we need to be fully informed about the conditions a student might have.

Our tip: Get in touch with your local admissions office to find out how we can best support you during your time with EF Academy. Our counselors and tutors offer regular one-on-one meetings to be fully involved in the students’ academic and pastoral progress.

Extracurricular Engagement

It’s not only becoming more important to universities for students to engage in extracurricular activities, but it also enhances the student’s experience. The more you take part in activities outside of school, the more positive your experience abroad can be.

This is not only a chance to balance the pressure you might experience academically, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to meet new people and make friends that are interested in the same topics. It’s also important to know that those extracurriculars don’t necessarily have to be sports. They can also be implemented by being part of clubs like biology or the debate team.

Overall, you have to take into account the aspects mentioned above and ask yourself: “What do I need so I can develop into the best version of myself?” Think about how school staff and your learning environment could influence your academic and personal success and actively ask for your required resources.