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How to study abroad during high school

How to study abroad during high school

So, you’ve realized that you might want to study abroad. You’ve seen all the TV shows and films. You dream of being a Gossip Girl in New York. You’ve sung along to all of the songs with the cast of Grease from Rydell High. But also, maybe you just feel that you’re not being challenged enough at your current high school. Maybe you’re craving independence and the opportunity to branch out. But where do you even start? Without guidance, the prospect of applying to live miles away from home can seem overwhelming. But never fear, take a few deep breaths, all you need to make this happen is right at your fingertips – and we’ve got just the guide to help.

Step 1: Get your laptop

It’s time to do some mad googling. Do you want to live near the bright lights of a big city? Or maybe you’re drawn to the rural charm of the countryside? Find out what makes your heart beat faster, what kind of environment inspires you, and then go from there. As soon as you know exactly where you’d like to be it’ll be much easier to search for a school in that area. Once you’ve found something you like? Do your research. Check out their academic programs, check out their facilities, even check out their Instagram. Make sure you’re making an informed choice.

Step 2: Get social

There is no better way to find out whether a school is for you than to talk to current students. Better still, connect with students who moved from your country. Learn about their transition, their experience so far, the challenges they’ve faced, and most importantly, whether they love their school and would encourage you to join up! Guaranteed you’ll feel better prepared to make an application once you’ve spoken to someone who’s been through the same thing.

Step 3: Get excited

This is going to be pretty fun right? It’s an adventure. Try not to be too nervous and don’t forget to think ahead. Once you’ve got your acceptance and you’re waiting to go, stick a photo of your new home up or use it as your phone background. Drive your parents mad chatting about all the new sights you’ll see, shops you’ll visit, foods you’ll eat, friends you’ll gain. Also get into the habit of being more independent. Maybe cook your family dinner before you go? Show them how grown up you can be while cherishing some last-minute quality time.

Step 4: Get organized

Make a checklist for all of the boring practical stuff. Travel arrangements and important documents to take – you don’t want to lose track of anything like that. Next, start packing. Remember you can’t take your entire wardrobe with you. Think about the country you’re heading to and the season. If you’re heading to the south coast of England for winter, you probably don’t need shorts or sun hats. Top tip: If you’re worried about missing home then make sure you’ve got some of your favorite snacks for those low moments.

Step 5: Get lost!

Throw yourself in head first and don’t look back. Welcome the change and make the most of every opportunity you get. Expect the unexpected and take it all in your stride. This is your new start. You made it happen. It’s time to take on new challenges, to learn new things, and to be the best you can be.

And if you can get this far? You’re doing something right.



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