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How to stay in touch with loved ones while studying abroad

How to stay in touch with loved ones while studying abroad

There’s so much to get out of studying abroad. But being so far from home can be hard. Especially when you’re quite close to your family and community back home. Here are some fail-proof ways to stay in touch with your parents and other loved ones while studying abroad.

Pick up the phone

We have so much technology available to help us communicate from anywhere. While all of those are great, sometimes you just need to hear your loved one’s voice. Phone and video calls help you to stay connected to loved ones in realtime. You’ll be able to hear their voices, see their faces, and even get a glimpse of home when you call. And for those family members you can’t text like pets or young family members, a video call is a great way to stay in touch and let them know you’re still around.

Record parts of daily life

You probably already do this with Snapchat or Instagram. But during those times that your schedules don’t line up and you can’t get on the phone together. When this happens, a simple video message can mean everything to someone. Show off where you’re living on campus, feature some of your new friends, or just record a video message to send someone you care about.

Send gifts for special occasions

It’s hard to be away from loved ones during the days you’d normally spend in their company. Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, or another significant date, try to send them something special. Living abroad from my family, something I’ve found really useful is to order a gift online from a retailer in my home country.

Amazon is especially helpful because they have a gift-wrapping option where you can include a card and a wrapped gift. If you want to get really fancy with it, there are several companies that send pre-made and customizable gift boxes. A popular service for this in the US is BoxFox, but similar companies exist all over the world. Look for one in your area and see how much joy it will bring your loved one on their special day.

Write to them

When you’re missing your loved ones, it helps to have a few reminders of them around. It’s always incredibly personal to read something from a loved one that they’ve written themselves. So when you’re feeling a bit homesick or you want a special way to stay in touch with someone back home, why not put pen to paper? You can write them a letter to send news about your life, commemorate special events, or just a little reminder that you care for them.

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