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Representative Judy Chu visits EF Academy Pasadena

Representative Judy Chu visits EF Academy Pasadena

On Monday, November 7th, EF Academy Pasadena had the honor of hosting Representative Judy Chu on campus. This visit was special for multiple reasons, some of them being she visited campus the night before election night, and she was able to answer questions from students who are part of EF Academy Pasadena’s inaugural class. Head of School, Dr. Sally Mingarelli facilitated a “fire-side” chat where students were able to take their in-class learning about U.S. History and ask questions to a U.S. congresswoman.

Representative Judy Chu at EF Academy

Dr. Judy Chu is the U.S. Representative for California’s 27th District and is the first Chinese-American Member of Congress. EF Academy students asked Rep. Chu questions about immigration rights, education, environment, and healthcare. 11 students from countries such as the U.S., Norway, China, Germany, and Vietnam asked Representative Chu important questions about her career and her work in congress.

Student asking question to Representative Judy Chu at EF Academy Pasadena

Dr. Chu was able to speak on the career journey that led her to run for congress, her inspirations, and the important platforms she is contributing to.

Additionally, she was able to speak about her passion for preserving California’s nature, and her fight for a women’s right to choose. She even spoke about her interactions with former President Obama!

Students waiting to ask Representative Chu questions

This was an amazing opportunity for both the students and the faculty to learn about Dr. Judy Chu – who happens to be the representative for the Pasadena area! It gave students the opportunity to learn more about state and federal politics. What better way to learn than from a Representative doing the job every day?

We’re so thankful that Dr. Judy Chu was able to take time to speak to our students!

Representative Judy Chu and Dr. Sally Mingarelli