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Pathway travels: 5 ultimate locations for business students

Pathway travels: 5 ultimate locations for business students

If you’re an aspiring business person, there’s no better way to spend your summer than by travelling. The world is filled with many successful businesses and just being around them can be a great source of motivation. If you’re planning a trip or picturing what your future might look like, we’ve put together this list of inspirational cities for business.


 First up is London, the UK’s financial hub and the epi-center of all things business. Marvel at architectural giants like The Shard, The Cheese Grater, The Gherkin. Also marvel at the very English and very strange building names! Take a walk along the Thames and dream up your next multi-million-dollar idea. Home to 840,000 private sector businesses and 100 of Europe’s largest companies, you won’t struggle to find something to aspire to here. The graduate opportunities are also plentiful if you’re thinking of studying in the UK.



Paris accounts for 30% of the nation’s GDP, it ranks among the top five wealthiest regions in Europe and it’s home to 30 Fortune Global 500 company headquarters. Visit La Défense, the major business district just beyond the city limits, or look on from afar. The famous Arche La Défense can be seen from central Paris as the dreamy skyscrapers surrounding it tower up into the clouds. Boasting five of the world’s top business schools, the city is also a great place to visit for aspiring business students. We hear the croissants are also quite good.



One of the four “Asian Tigers” and boasting the world’s fourth largest financial center plus one of the world’s top five busiest ports – it’s no surprise that Singapore features on this list. Singapore’s booming market economy is based on trade, economic freedom and low tax rates. With low levels of corruption and a triple-A credit rating – we can’t think of a better place for an aspiring student to see the kind of world good businesses can create.



Sydney is known for its beautiful beaches, cultural landmarks and for being the world’s largest natural harbor. It’s also home to strong industry in finance, manufacturing and tourism. Despite high living costs, Sydney offers the seventh highest wage level of any city worldwide. So, if you’re interested in traveling to a destination where inspirational businesses and sparkling blue waters meet – Sydney could be just the place for you to dream up your first venture. Sunbathing is obviously an important part of the creative process too.


The beautiful city of Boston is a leading force in biotechnology and financial services. It’s also home to some of the world’s best business schools: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston University. The inner city is a hub for business people and tourism, while the wider metropolitan area is leafy and peaceful. Boston is a great place to visit if you have big dreams for university. Earning a place at any of the universities here could be the start to a successful business career.

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