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Strong IB Diploma results for EF Academy’s Class of 2021

Strong IB Diploma results for EF Academy’s Class of 2021

This year’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program results have given EF Academy graduates, their families and school faculty plenty to celebrate. We are proud to share that EF Academy’s Class of 2021 obtained strong IB Diploma results, which continue to build on the achievements of previous years.

Overall, 146 EF Academy students obtained an IB Diploma this year. With an overall pass rate of 93.03%, EF Academy is well above the global average of 88.96% and surpassed our previous year’s rate of 89.09%. The average subject score of 5.32 is also above 2021’s global average of 5.19 and another improvement on last year’s results.

A particular highlight of this year’s IB Diploma results is the number of high scores awarded to EF Academy students. Nearly 16% of EF Academy students achieved overall grades of 40 points or higher, with the highest awarded grade being an impressive 44 points.

“EF Scholars graduated with far more than IB Diplomas, Certificates, and accolades,” said Gabriela Deambrosio, IB Coordinator at EF Academy New York. “May 2021 graduates globally have the tenacity and skills to take on our world’s problems with compassion, vigor, and global collaboration. This year we didn’t just witness history, we were united through our shared goal of safety, wellness, and sustainability in order to become the pioneers that historians write about.”

“Congratulations once again to all our students for their fantastic IB Diploma achievements and to our teaching, pastoral, residence and facilities colleagues who have helped the students to reach their potential in such challenging times,” said Dr. Mark Zumbuhl, UK Director of University Guidance at EF Academy Oxford.

Our full academic results and university placement information will be published at the end of the summer.

The IB Diploma at EF Academy

As the world’s most internationally recognized high school diploma, the IB Diploma offers students excellent preparation for acceptance to leading universities worldwide. At EF Academy, our experienced faculty and diverse student body representing over 75 nationalities enrich the global vision and intercultural perspectives valued in the IB curriculum by bringing them to life in an international classroom.

This two-year high school diploma provides both depth and breadth to students’ studies in six different subject areas. At EF Academy, students can choose from over 50 IB courses to customize the program. Combining individual coursework, exams, an extensive research essay and learning experiences outside of the classroom, the IB Diploma Program is effective preparation for the kinds of assignments students will encounter at university level.