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EF Academy summer school: Hiking trip

EF Academy summer school: Hiking trip

This Sunday, our students went on a very adventurous hiking trip in the Rockefeller Preserve Center Park. They hiked five miles and “endurance” and “magnificence” were the two key words that summarized our trip. Not only did students become attuned with nature, but they were also able to meet our amazing Chemistry and Biology teacher, Dr. Oxana Litvine, and our knowledgeable and caring IB Language & Literature teacher, Ms. Sara Weeks. Their current summer English and IB English teacher, Ms. Iveth Morillo, joined the team to take in the natural beauty as well.

The majestic surroundings of the park were appreciated by faculty and students alike. Try to picture yourself in a place in which the air is pure and the view is so beautiful that it will take your breath away! That’s exactly where we were! With great thanks to the Rockefeller family, who donated this amazing park to the city, we could certainly call this place “Heaven Park” to describe the serene atmosphere. The students traversed through scenic paths that wind through woodlands, meadows, fields, streams and lakes.

The park not only attracts students, but it also attracts artists and photographers who love to stop by and capture the pristine lakes and beautiful landscapes. Our students, similar to these artists, were able to experience and enjoy the natural wonders of the area.

While hiking, the students took in the panoramic view of the Hudson River; however, the most beautiful view for the faculty was watching our students help one another on the hike. I believe that I speak for the other teachers as well when I say that what we liked the most about this trip was watching the students learn the true meaning of perseverance. On our hike, the students learned that in order to see the beautiful view, they had to walk non-stop up the stiff hills, which could represent a metaphor for life: if you really want something, you need to fight for it. This valuable life lesson was infused in their post-trip reflective writing, where the students expressed how when encountering a difficult path, one must persevere in order to achieve success. Giving up is not a choice for our Summer Kiddos!

It was unanimous, this was the perfect culminating trip for our “Environment Week.”