Enroll in EF’s English courses in Singapore and discover this city-state’s unique blend of cultural influences in a breathtaking tropical setting.

Singapore is Asia’s most international metropolis. English is an official language and it’s widely spoken, which helps the residents of Chinese, Indian, British and Malay heritage communicate effectively. Singapore’s myriad cultures make it one of the most multicultural urban areas on the planet. Our English courses in Singapore are held downtown, a short walk from The Little India and Chinatown districts that are authentic windows into life in the world’s two most populous countries. And yet despite the ethnic diversity, Singapore is still defined by its geography. The city-state is surrounded by a sparkling harbor, and it consists of one main island and 63 smaller islands. Beaches here are of the white sand and palm tree variety, and the shopping and nightlife of downtown is some of the best in all of Asia. Multiculturalism, urban sophistication and teal-blue surf, what more could you want?

Consider an English course in Singapore at our downtown language school.

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