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EF Stories: Josephine from France at EF San Diego

EF Stories: Josephine from France at EF San Diego

1. What led you to choose EF for your studies?

I opted for EF due to its top-notch courses and its stellar international reputation.

2. What aspect of your stay proved to be the most rewarding?

Undoubtedly, the incredible connections and friendships I forged, along with achieving a C1 level in my final exam.

3. Which EF activities and excursions did you find particularly enjoyable?

I had an amazing time during the trip to Los Angeles, as well as the moments I spent with my host family. These experiences were emotionally fulfilling, and the diversity of nationalities allowed me to sharpen my English skills.

4. Could you share some memorable moments from your language immersion experience?

First and foremost, I must express my gratitude to my host family for their humor and generosity; we formed a strong bond. Additionally, I had the privilege of meeting two wonderful girls, one Italian and one French, who later became my best friends. Reuniting with them after our trip was truly special.

Thanks to EF, I had the chance to visit places I had dreamt of since childhood, and these memories are etched into my mind.

EF, to me, feels like a large extended family, and we stay connected even after returning home. Lastly, I noticed significant improvement in my English skills, which ultimately paved the way for my enrollment in business school, all thanks to EF.

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