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A sauna-loving, cinnamon bun-eating Finn with a serious case of wanderlust. 30+ countries later, I’ve discovered that home is everywhere and anywhere, as long as I have my husband and camera at hand. I work in digital marketing, love going to concerts and watching documentaries, and recently returned from a 6-month volunteering stint in Tanzania. Find me on www.kaisasd.com

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50 things we love about the UK (and know you’ll love too)
9 min read 9 min

Delightfully diverse and bewilderingly beautiful, Britain has a unique charm that enthrals almost an...

How to speak English fluently – 10 key steps
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In today’s world, the better your English, the more you can partake in all things global: from inter...

What is the best age to learn a language?
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Although our understanding of language learning is constantly evolving, persistent myths about child...

How to pack like a boss – 6 invaluable tips from experienced travelers
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Ever found yourself desperately stuffing your bag with a random set of clothes a few hours before da...

How to set your child up for career success
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Every parent hopes their child will succeed in life. The type of success they wish for varies, but, ...

Spain’s sunny center: Madrid infographic
min read min

From fabulous food to great football and gorgeous monuments soaked in year-round sunshine, Madrid is...

37 million and counting: Tokyo infographic
min read min

With 37 million inhabitants and 2,5 million people commuting into the city every day, Tokyo’s size i...

5 dream trips around the world. What’s yours?
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Picture packing your bags, grabbing your passport in a mad dash as you rush out of the door, hopping...

10 things we bet you didn’t know about New Zealand
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A hobbit wonderland, a bungee jumper’s paradise and the home of the haka dance danced by the rugby t...

A gem of a city: San Francisco infographic
min read min

San Francisco may not be a hidden gem anymore, but it’s a gem of a city nonetheless. America’s capit...

5 English tongue twisters guaranteed to trip you up
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There is no better way to practice pronunciation and work on your accent than trying out some Englis...

12 weirdest words in English
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It’s not that hard to find a few weird words among the approximately 750,000 words that make up the ...