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My study abroad: Jacques – Florida

My study abroad: Jacques – Florida

“This is the summer I’ll remember all my life because I learned better English and I’m still in contact with all my friends.”

“I stay in contact with my host family because they were awesome. They were with me all the time and I learned the true American way of life. That’s why I recommend EF because I just love it.” -Jacques

At 17, Jacques set out to improve his English skills in a location where he’d be surrounded by native speakers and given the chance to speak it in everyday situations. He felt that the U.S. was a perfect place to meet these goals, so he traveled from France to Florida.

Not only did his English skills improve, he was able to see a completely different culture. Staying with a host family gave him the chance to experience life like an American teenager and during his studies, he made friends from all over the world. Upon returning to France, he found he’d gained more confidence and, best of all, that the friendships he made abroad came with him.

My study abroad: Jacques - Floridalearn more
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