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EF Stories: France from France at EF Seoul

EF Seoul - Duration of stay: 3 weeks.
EF Stories: France from France at EF Seoul

Discover the testimony of our student France – EF Seoul, duration of stay: 3 weeks.

1. Why did you choose to study with EF?

I chose to study with EF because it's the best organization for going abroad; they offer a wide range of destinations. I also really liked the organization and the feeling of belonging to one family even if we all come from different backgrounds.

2. What was the most successful aspect of your stay?

I think it's the relationships I've built. Thanks to EF, I now have friends from all over the world with whom I've shared powerful moments. And, of course, the education! At first, I didn't notice significant changes, but now I realize that the teaching provided by EF has greatly benefited me.

3. Which EF activities/excursions did you appreciate the most?

I really liked the "outdoor classes." Interacting with native speakers was very beneficial even if it was challenging. I also enjoyed the trips to Busan and the visits to museums/historical sites. They allowed me to continue my language learning and also to delve into the various cultural aspects Korea has to offer.

4. What memories do you retain from your language stay?

I have only good memories! I really enjoyed staying with a host family; they took care of me as if I were their child, which deeply moved me. The nighttime outings in neighborhoods like Gangnam and Hongdae with students from all over the world, laughing and eating the famous Korean street food.

Eating pizza and fried chicken by the Han River, ending the days at a karaoke, or even wearing the Hanbok (traditional Korean outfit) on Liberation Day were all powerful memories! I also had the chance to visit Busan, located in the south of Korea. It was fun comparing the two cities.

In Busan, I have very fond memories of the day at the beach and the evening on the terrace shared with Koreans who were teaching us the southern dialect.

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